The idea behind microLXC is to provide LXC containers for applications to projects that do not need that much resources in EPIC locations.
Such as for monitoring, running a webserver or even by yourself written applications.



How do I get one?

Fulfill the requirements afterwards just deploy.

What are the requirements?

You need to have an active Hostedtalk, Lowendspirit,
Lowendtalk or Post4VPS account with the following:

- 6 Months old account
- At least 50 Posts (shitposts do not count)
- At least 50 Likes on your posts in total

Is there anything forbidden?

TOR, I2P, Torrent, Mining, Port Scanning.
Any other ilegal stuff.

Keep in mind, we have a zero tolerance abuse policy.

Any Ports blocked?

SMTP, a Relay can be used.