The idea behind microLXC is to provide LXC containers for applications to projects that do not need that much resources in EPIC locations.
Such as for monitoring, running a webserver or even by yourself written applications.



How do I get one?

Fulfill the requirements afterwards just deploy.

What are the requirements?

You need to have an active Hostedtalk, Lowendspirit,
Lowendtalk or Post4VPS account with the following:

- 6 Months old account
- At least 50 Posts (shitposts do not count)
- At least 50 Likes on your posts in total

Is there any activity requirement?

Yes, you have to login into the Panel or Container at least every 60 days.

Is there anything forbidden?

TOR, I2P, Torrent, Mining, Port Scanning.
Any other ilegal stuff.

Keep in mind, we have a zero tolerance abuse policy.

Any Ports blocked?

SMTP (v4), a Relay can be used.

How do I reinstall the container?

You can do that anytime via the Panel